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Joey is voted 2011 Best of Wedding Photographers by the Knot. He is featured on Green Wedding Shoes in Southern California, Wedding Essentials Magazine, and The Knot Magazine in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. Joey is published internationally through Wood Street Galleries.


Some people ask me, why did I become a photographer? I chose this profession simply to connect with people. To inform them, help them, influence them, and be influenced by them. To love without speaking a word, to tell a story about one important moment in their lifetime. Sometimes, that moment is about love, awareness or sometimes how life just happens to us.

In the digital age of photography, people can be overwhelmed with a cookie-cutter approach to capturing the best moments of their life. My desire is to capture those moments in an unique and artistic way. Sometimes I help direct those special moments because it will represent them for many years to come. I call it advanced story-telling, which is a mixture of some directing and photo-journalism. To sum it all up, the photography should represent the person, not a style.

Serving Los Angeles, Southern California, New York City, Chicago and Pittsburgh. Joey is available for designation weddings and worldwide travel.

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A Wedding Photographer From Pittsburgh

I really enjoy this line of work. In 2008, I had the pleasure of working for G & G Studios and some of the weddings posted here was created while working for them. *All images posted on this site are taken by me.

I have learned its all about meeting great people and sharing the best day of their lives with them. Its my goal to provide you with something different, something as unique as you! I am an artist first and photographer second. I want to make art for you that you'll love sharing with your family and friends and someday your grandkids.

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Here is an Interview from Sumer Schmitt of Simply Perfect Weddings

1. First off, tell us a little about yourself:

I know, for sure, that I was born into the right time period of history because even as a child, I was very visual. Visual media is my forum because I am an extremely creative person. Images have always inspired and influenced me and small, obscure details do not escape my notice. That is why I am an artist, and I am very active in the Pittsburgh art scene.

I produced a fine-art-photography exhibit called “Exposure” that ran for two years here in Pittsburgh. Eventually, more “Exposure” exhibits were opened in Cleveland, Detroit and Dallas, and those in Cleveland and Detroit are still being presented today.

In 2005-Present, I began teaching photography in Cranberry for the Butler Community College – both for credit and non-credit classes.

2. How did you get started in photography?

Believe it or not, I began my career in painting and sculpting because I have always been creative and artistic. But since painting and sculpting were very laborious and consumed a lot of time, I often lost interest before completion. However, nothing has changed my life more than the camera. It was an exciting revelation for me to discover that my creativity absolutely exploded when I picked up a camera. The camera has allowed me greater creativity, but in a faster forum. Photography is such a powerful tool for documenting life experiences and telling people’s stories.

3. Describe your wedding photography approach and style.

When I think of a wedding, it is a magical day when two people become one. It is “a dream come true” to find a mate in this life, and it is the day that every woman dreams endlessly about. I like the “vintage,” “dreamy,” “storybook-style” because it is so timeless and romantic. I love to capture and document those special moments of the wedding day, unobtrusively, without my clients knowing that I am there. It is pure excitement when they return and view the memories that are represented in the final images. Finally, I love to make my work look professionally much like the work exhibited in magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair.

4. What do you like best about your job?

Without a doubt, I love working with the wedding couple! It is my job to learn their individual tastes. I love meeting the families of the bride and groom and listening to stories about them. I start off the day as an acquaintance to the families, and by the end of the wedding, they invite me to the next family reunion. I enjoy documenting and being part of every special occasion in a family’s life experiences. It is a great tradition!

5. What is your all time favorite photo that you have taken?

“A Kiss to Build a Dream On!” It is the story of Brian and Jessica.

6. What makes your business unique and why should we hire you as our wedding photographer?

I am that person that sees something completed in my mind before the process has begun. I create aesthetically pleasing images that documents and tells my clients story. I love to provide interesting, powerful imagery that creates curiosity and interest for all my photography projects.

I am that professional wedding photographer that will document your wedding day with exquisite creativity and old-fashioned romanticism. Each wedding is special and unique to you, as a couple, and that inspiration always helps me to create one-of-a-kind memories just for you.

You, as the wedding couple, provide the details of the pictorial documentation that you desire, and I provide the creativity and inspiration to accomplish your dream.

7. Where can we reach you?

I just released a new wedding blog at
I can also be reached at email and cell