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Happy Mother’s Day

This post is to cheer up my mother who is sick today and in the hospital.  I love you so much Mom and thank you for all you do!  I snapped these on Easter of Stella and Jordan, my little nieces, but our little angels

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Chris Hondros | 03.14.1970 – 04.20.2011

The following images were captured last night at a small gathering of photographers to remember Chris Hondros.  Chris Hondros was an extraordinary person whose life was ended in Libya on Wednesday April 20th.  He was killed by RPG fire while covering Libyan rebels in a struggle against Gaddafi’s army.  Chris was engaged and to be married […]

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G20 Pittsburgh Protest

I had the opportunity to cover the G20 protest in Pittsburgh (up close and personal). I felt a lot of mixed emotions because Pittsburgh is my hometown. I know all the streets and love the people. It was crazy to see it as a police state as if George Orwells novel 1984 had come true! […]

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